Joanna Merchie
iGaming Brazil interviews Joanna Mercie

On the 5th, 6th and 7th, Monaco was home to the world’s sports technology and media industry. SPORTEL was promoted again after the hiatus last year as a result of the pandemic. The main brands and groups on the planet were able to meet in person to revive contacts, establish new partnerships and share information about the latest trends in the sector.

In the 2021 edition, the iGaming Brazil portal was the only Brazilian representative of the betting segment to promote on-site coverage, bringing extensive material with information from the panels, images from every day of the event and exclusive interviews.

In this way, the Brazilian portal was able to conduct an exclusive interview with the SPORTEL Rendez-vous Executive Director, Joanna Merchie. The executive revealed relevant details of SPORTEL Rendez-Vous, which is scheduled to take place in Miami, United States, next year.

The intention is to present an optimized event concept that can be replicated in other locations, including in South America. In addition, Joana assured that the edition in Miami will provide considerable space for debate and deepening about the sports betting market. accelerated growth of this branch in numerous North American states.

Check out the exclusive interview with SPORTEL Rendez-vous Executive Director Joanna Merchie

iGaming Brazil – Joanna, thanks for being with us. Can you tell me what you expect from the event and what’s new?

Joanna Merchie – Thanks also to iGaming Brazil. We are very excited to be able to return to Miami. On March 14th and 15th, 2022 we will bring a new format to the SPORTEL community and we hope that new partners will too. It will be a new look, we will have a simplified two-day event with better return on investment, smaller and shorter events.

So it’s also a good time saver for our customers, which is very important these days. We are so excited! We think the meeting place is great. Miami has traditionally been a place for sporting events for many years, but it’s a great meeting place for the international community that comes from Europe, but also to bring people from North and South America. Miami is a really good place for everyone meet, to do business within America’s sports sector.

iGaming Brazil – This is great! And do you have plans to launch new events in other countries?

Joanna Merchie – It is a meeting format that we could transport to any city. Anywhere our customers would like to go and we consider relevant and that could be Asia on a near future. It might even go back to being in South America one day. So, we have the concept. We have some great new products, new entry price, very good value, just €490 which is a big savings compared to our previous events.

We always negotiate great hotel rates for our customers. Many networking events. We have new custom kiosks and meeting spaces with really cool, innovative products, a new center, adaptable to this current situation because, you know, we all hope that Covid-19 has fallen behind, but we’re still coming out of that situation. The industry is still coming out of this.

iGaming Brazil – How do you rate the event?

Joanna Merchie – We are still living in an epidemic and we hope that this is behind us. The SPORTEL Monaco which is happening now has been absolutely fantastic.

I mean, the industry is so excited. We’ve seen it since last month, the buzz circulating. You’ve seen it here at SPORTEL. The exhibition floor is busy and hectic, the conferences, several are packed, really good people are excited to get back to business live, face to face. We are not broadcasting.

We’re just doing it live, face to face. We were very interested in Miami because now the borders are going to open up for Europeans, I think it will be in early November. Everyone is very excited to return to the Americas to do business.

Joanna Merchie – I have one more thing to say about the conference format when we go to Miami. Obviously, what’s a big issue at the moment is the legalization of gambling (bets) in many US states.

So one of our focuses is on our conference program and potentially around the entire event and we’ve already done a lot with the eSports community, but we want sports betting to be very important, as an added experience and part of the experience. all the digital fan that many of our customers are offering. So this is something that we will be exploring and it will be an important part of the Miami event. We hope to see iGaming Brazil there too.

iGaming Brazil – Thank you.

Joanna Merchie – So, on behalf of SPORTEL CEO Laurent Puons, I and our entire team look forward to welcoming iGaming Brazil and its subscribers and readers in Miami at SPORTEL Rendez-vous on March 14th and 15th 2022!

Watch the interview with SPOTEL Executive Director Joanna Merchie