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The second day of SPORTEL Monaco, the main sports convention of 2021, 100% live and in person, took place this Wednesday, October 6th, with a diversified program.

Alongside new industry characters, SPORTEL welcomed many long-time exhibitors and visitors such as LaLiga, Matchroom, Eurosport, Feedconstruct, Eurovision and ITF. Other regular exhibitors, including Cleeng and Phenix, have made SPORTEL their top event on the calendar.

In addition, some of the world’s leading brands in the Americas participated in person, including Endeavor, DirectTV Latin America, ESPN, Fox Sports, Major League Baseball.

The convention also features around 50 new companies that have never participated in SPORTEL before, such as: Sportall, Sportaway, Toch AI, Quidich Innovation, Triton Poker Series, Freeway & Dreamwall, iGaming Brazil and many others.

See below the main points of this Wednesday, the 6th, the second day of SPORTEL.

La Liga presentation with Javier Tebas at SPORTEL

Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, spoke about how the entity’s digital transformation is revolutionizing the reach and opportunities of the Spanish Football Championship.

From social media to box office, from competition management to games, LaLiga has developed a single, integrated platform that manages all aspects of a modern competition and allows direct relationship with fans, as well as apps with more than 5 language options.

With this transformation, Sport Digitization is something that LaLiga has decided to market through a unique technology developed for the entire industry worldwide.

Javier Tebas commented: “It is essential to seek the engagement of fans, therefore, Fantasy Games websites and applications have been gaining a great notoriety, as they provide great involvement to football fans.”

“Nowadays we work hard to ensure this type of engagement and we already have apps available in every country in the world.”

“Our apps have full content of interviews, post-games and details of each club. In addition, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology guarantees reliable data from each game, such as the number of touches of the ball, possession of each team , players with better performance and much more,” explained Tebas.

In the lecture, he also commented on some concerns that LaLiga currently has, namely: piracy of its content and sports betting on illegal sites.

Tebas also claims that Messi’s departure from the league does not affect international broadcasting contracts, as well as not being important for LaLiga’s audiovisual rights, as the competition lost big names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

Partnership against piracy: practical approaches to an incurable problem

Featured Speaker, Attorney, and Consultant Thomas P. Riley commented on the various strategies for solving the long-standing and costly issues of piracy and broadcast infringement faced by producers, promoters, distributors, programming providers and other content licensors.

Fight piracy using intelligence and get a clear ROI

As video piracy becomes more and more sophisticated, people who engage in this type of illegal activity continue to widen their range with robust operations and smart technologies to exploit vulnerabilities at every link in the distribution chain.

In this panel, Simon Brydon, Senior Director of Synamedia, explained how the blending of human and digital intelligence is able to build a comprehensive and detailed picture of the complex and constant evolution of piracy and consequently obtain the means to combat it.

How to increase profits and boost your brand through sound and music

Speakers Sacha Stoffers, Director of Brand Partnerships at MassiveMusic, and Ed Trotter, UK New Business Leader at MassiveMusic, explained the importance of sound and music for today’s brands.

Instead of using generic music for all their communication to fans – some sports brands like FIFA, UEFA, Premier League, Ajax, Fox Sports, Eurosport etc. have invested in a strategic approach linked to sound and music.

This strategic approach resulted in significant cost savings, stronger brand affiliation and emotional recognition, but most importantly, driving quality.

The premium sports multi-screen media

Sportall, the new digital media with over 30 sports and thousands of hours of LIVE and VOD content, recently announced a partnership to host Fight Nation, co-created by a group of French experts from various business areas.

The competence of each of them has made Fight Nation the digital platform dedicated to essential combat sports in France and will soon be in Europe. The Live streaming platform is 100% dedicated to combat sports, with freemium access for fans.

Fight Nation today offers full end-to-end support to all rights holders and event organizers, from production to editorial, marketing and broadcast. Pierre Debleme, Sportall’s Marketing and Sales Director, and Tony Loumé, Fight Nation’s COO, participated in this debate.

Kiwse and the Video Revolution 2.0

Kiswe empowers global content owners to build unique experiences through the popular ‘video 2.0’. In this way these owners have the means to generate live streams in unprecedented, unique and targeted ways, as well as connect with their customers and fans. Jorre Belpaire, Product and Europe Leader at Kwise Studios, was at the forefront of this SPORTEL panel.

Think like Nike, act like Amazon, win!

Neil Joyce, CEO of The CLV Group, talked about how focusing on easy money, and the short term, makes real opportunities go unnoticed.

Neil also highlighted how sports organizations are revolutionizing the way they look at their clubs and, more importantly, their fan base, to shift from vanity metrics of tastes, opinions and actions to the ‘Fan Lifetime Value’. The CEO also showed that this is able to drive revenue directly and indirectly.

How AR and AI help you increase your revenue at sporting events

Thibault Baras, Director General of DreamWall, and Michel Lecomte, famous sports journalist and DreamWall Consultant, gathered for an exclusive talk to show how Augmented Reality can be essential for improving sports competition.

They showed through concrete examples how it is possible to create new revenue streams with virtual advertising and increase the editorial content power of each company.