International Sport Film Festival seleciona o documentário brasileiro Gaming Queens

Gaming Queens, an exclusive Brazilian-produced documentary, directed and produced by Beatriz Scavazzini and a team of recognized women in the audiovisual scene, conquered its space and was selected for another major global cinema event, the International Sport Film Festival.

The film, which portrays the routine of a female eSports team, was selected among the outstanding works in the documentary category. The second edition of the International Sport Film Festival will be held from November 20th to 25th at Castellammare di Stabia in Naples, Italy.

In addition to an awards ceremony, including the best films of the year, the ISFF will also promote educational sessions, in which students from the region will have the opportunity to watch and debate the most prominent productions at the festival.

Gaming Queens Documentary

The documentary Gaming Queens portrays the trajectory of the women’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team from one of the largest electronic sports organizations and the largest representative in the sport in Brazil, FURIA.

Team members Gabriela Maldonado, Izabella Galle, Marina Prestes, Karina Takashasi and Olga Rodrigues embark on their first bootcamp in Europe, exposing the adversities they face daily in training and in the meticulous preparation for ESL Impact, a prestigious women’s Counter-Strike championship : Global Offensive.

Already well recognized on the local scene, the athletes competed for an unprecedented title of world champions. Gaming Queens is the first medium-length documentary film that highlights a female eSports team in Brazil, and is produced and directed by women only, including director and executive producer Beatriz Scavazzini, Ligia Osorio, also in executive production, and screenwriter Martina Sonksen.

“By guaranteeing the selection of Gaming Queens for another important festival in the scene, the Internacional Sport Film Festival, we are not only taking another step in building this legacy that is so important for the gaming community and all the women who dream of conquering their spaces, but also strengthening the narrative of inclusion and empowerment in the sports universe”, says Beatriz Scavazzini, Director and Executive Producer of the documentary Gaming Queens.

“It is a unique opportunity to celebrate achievements and inspire future generations. We thank you for allowing us to be part of this transformative journey”, he added.

International Sport Film Festival

The International Sport Film Festival is an event that celebrates sports-themed films, highlighting values ​​such as excellence, respect and friendship. The festival is open to a wide range of productions, from professional to amateur sports.

Last year, 73 films from different parts of the world were selected and recognized, and the event saw the participation of renowned guests from the sporting world in the discussions.

This year, they will welcome some of the most talented filmmakers and producers, and are actively working with the international press to reach an even wider audience to celebrate the intersection of sports and film, sharing the powerful stories they both have to offer.

The documentary “Gaming Queens” is available for free on RedBull TV.


FURIA is one of the leading esports organizations in the world. Founded in 2017 by André Akkari, Jaime Pádua and Cris Guedes, FURIA competes for the main eSports titles and leagues in the world but wants much more than competitive success.

It seeks to become a sociocultural movement that positively impacts the contexts in which it operates. It currently has structures in Brazil, Malta and the United States that support its pillars of action: performance, lifestyle, content, business, technology and social.