Pinnacle Cup Malta Vibes will start on March 29th
Pinnacle Cup Malta Vibes will start on March 29th

The Pinnacle Cup returns to Dota 2 for the first time in two years. Building on the success of the previous competition, which featured The International Team Spirit winners, this new tournament series will allow Pinnacle to continue to grow and support the Dota 2 esports community.

In partnership with Eden Esports and GamingMalta, the official schedule will feature four online events, each bringing together 40 teams from around the world in a single-elimination bracket to compete for a total prize pool of US$50,000.

The first Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes tournament is set to kick off on March 29th, with the finals taking place on April 8th. This knockout format will keep the stakes high throughout the event.

Pinnacle Cup Awards in Malta

From Round 2 onwards, for each match won, the team will receive a cash reward for eliminating the enemy. The reward size will increase with each consecutive round.

In addition to the substantial prize pool, winners of the Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes event will also receive a premium one-week training package, with a luxurious stay at the 5-star InterContinental hotel in Malta. Winners will be able to enjoy this reward once within a year after the competition.

Alex McBride, Director of Esports at Pinnacle, commented, “Pinnacle has always had a desire to be deeply involved in esports since 2010, and the Pinnacle Cup events are an extension of that ambition.”

“This will be the third year of events and it will grow each year with a big dive into Dota 2 for this edition, backed by a sizable prize pool.”

Sergey Bidzan, CEO of Eden Esports, also commented: “Malta Vibes events hold a special place in our hearts as they represent the homeland of Eden Esports, the emotions and vibes of the country. It’s all about fun, comfort and celebration.”

“This year, we are proud to partner with GamingMalta and Pinnacle to host a series of joint tournaments and, for the first time, bring Mediterranean vibes to the Dota 2 community,” concluded Bidzan.

The tournament will be streamed live in four languages ​​using Pinnacle’s dedicated and YouTube Dota 2 channels. Longtime Pinnacle partner GRID Esports will be the official data partner of the event and will support all Pinnacle content across all data use cases.

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