The Brazilian FIFA 23 team is called up for the 2023 season
PHzin will be the captain of the Brazilian team

This Thursday, the 16th, the Brazilian FIFA 23 eSelection was summoned to face the challenges of this 2023 season. The list has six names selected by coach Gabgol: Gabriel Crepaldi, Pedro Resende, Paulo Henrique “PHzin”, Klinger Castro, Paulo Neto and Gabriel “Young”.

Currently, the Brazilian team is at the top of the world ranking, with Poland and Sweden following. In addition, PHzin was elected the best virtual football player at the 2022 eSports Brazil Awards.

Crepaldi defends the MGCF, Pedro Resende and PHzin are from Ajax, Klinger is from Netshoes Miners and Paulo Neto and Young wear the shirt of Atlanta United. PHzin, Klinger and Crepaldi were among the nominees for the Globe Soccer Awards for their performance in last year’s tournaments. Paulo Neto, in turn, started the year in a victorious way by securing the third title in a row on the eMLS circuit.

Players celebrate opportunity in the Brazilian eSelection

According to a message on his social networks, PHzin will be the captain of the Brazilian team. “It will always be an honor, being captain and representing my country will always be my greatest achievement in the game, I enter the game and look at the monitor and play for all the players who dream of being there, and for our Brazilian community. Let’s go all out!”

Klinger also celebrated with his followers. “Always an honor to be part of the Brazilian FIFA team. Thank you Gabgol and eSeleção for the opportunity. Let’s go with everything, a lot of work ahead!”

Paulo Neto also commented: “Called up for the Brazilian national team! Very happy to have been one of the chosen ones and now I will do my best to represent our country! Dedication and will will not be lacking. Congratulations to all the other squads and to our coach Gabgol. Let’s go after the goals together my friends!”

Pedro Resende celebrated the chance to represent the country once again. “Another call to defend the colors of our country! Thank you Gabgol and eSeleção for the trust. We are looking for another title”.