Epic Esports Events and Russian Sports Federation will hold Dota 2 ‘Champions League’

Epic Esports Events, with the support of the Russian eSports Federation, will host a series of Dota 2 tournaments. In all, five championships will be organized with a total prize pool of $250,000. The Russian broadcast will be conducted by RuHub Studio, while the English broadcasts will be organized by The EsportsBible (TEBTV).

Epic Esports Events has also partnered with GRID eSports, which will be the exclusive data partner for each competition. The first event of the Dota 2 Champions League will be held between the 19th of July and the 8th of August.

In each tournament, 10 teams will compete in the group stage: nine invited teams and the winner of the open qualifiers. Among the confirmed participants: HellRaisers, Puckhamp, Winstrike, Team Unique, EXTREMUM, Nemiga and Gambit. The other invited teams will be announced shortly.

Group stage matches will be played on the Round Robin system in bo3 format. The eight group stage participants with the highest number of points will advance to the playoff stage, where they will face off to reach the semi-finals. The final match will be played in bo5 format.

The qualifying matches will be from ‘Single Elimination bo1’ to the semi-finals, from then on, teams will play in the bo3 format. The dates for the open qualifiers will be announced in the coming days.

About Epic Sports Events

Epic Esports Events organizes a series of tournaments featuring the world’s best eSports players in Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2016. The competitions are watched by millions of spectators, and the finals fill stadiums.

Organizers have already received the prestigious EUBEA, Eventex, MarSpo, BISPO, BEMA and Sport Leaders awards. In addition, Epic was the organizer of tournaments for brands: Parimatch League, MegaFon Winter Clash, Adrenaline Cyber ​​​​League, KFC Battle, etc. EEE is part of ESforce Holding.

Increase in eSports bets

This partnership between Epic Esports and the Russian Federation only demonstrates the expressive growth of eSports in recent years. Therefore, bookmakers are investing and diversifying markets to meet the demand of an audience increasingly interested in betting on their favorite electronic sports teams.