1xBet intends to take eSports bets to a new level in 2021

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1xBet wants to take eSports bets to a new level in 2021

After winning the SBC award – “Esports Operator of the Year”, 1xBet intends to develop its offer with new partnerships and tournaments in the next 12 months, as the electronic sports market continues to develop worldwide.

In an interview with European Gaming, the company highlighted the importance of winning the Operator of the Year award and its expectations for 2021. “We are satisfied with the results and intend to move on. Winning the SBC Award is the result of hard work and improvement. The results showed that we offer players the best opportunities to bet on eSports ”.

The company also stressed the relevance of electronic games to the betting market, especially in the last year. “Esports has become part of the wide range of entertainment that 1xBet offers. The conquest of prestigious awards proves that, for us, this is no longer a vertical. In 2020, many tournaments took place with cash prizes and millions of spectators ”.

The team added: “In organizing some events, 1xBet was directly involved. We see the interest of a significant part of the public in this area. And, for that reason, we offer our partners the most exciting promotions and betting events ”.

1xBet cites differences between traditional sports bettors and eSports

Still in the interview with European Gaming, the betting team cited the main differences between bettors in traditional sports and electronic sports.

“Any discipline has its target audience, which can have its characteristics. ESports fans are slightly younger than football fans. This is corroborated by several studies that show that the average soccer fan is aging. But electronic sports fans, like soccer fans, also want to test prediction skills, support idols or just make money from the bet. ”

In addition, 1xBet cited some tactics to try to get the attention of this audience eager for electronic games. “We know the values ​​of the esports public, so we offer what is of interest to them. For example, contests for the recently launched Xbox Series X and Sony Playstation 5. Which player doesn’t want to win a new console? ”

Prospects for the future of the electronic games market

According to the company, the championships are happening frequently and many teams already have the support of sponsors. “Today, bookmakers are contributing to the development of electronic sports,” he said.

At the moment, Dota 2 and CS: GO are among the most popular modalities and will complete a decade of existence soon. However, the 1xBet team would love to see new games attracting the attention of enthusiasts and gamblers around the world.

“We would like to see new options that could compete with these legendary games. The emergence of new titles would give a new impetus to the development of electronic sports, since this area is developing quantitatively, but not always qualitatively ”.