Exclusivo Higo Ferreira e Pedro Albuquerque comentam os planos do Grupo Esportes da Sorte

Recently, the city of São Paulo hosted Gambling Brasil. During the event, Higo Ferreira, commercial executive, and Pedro Albuquerque, affiliate manager, shared exclusive information about the future of Grupo Esportes da Sorte.

Ferreira expressed his admiration for the magnitude of the convention and the diversity of participants. “I was impressed by the number of people. There are two event floors, lots of people, lots of affiliates. It is a very important moment for us to review our affiliates and attract new ones”.

“There are people from all markets, not just the iGaming market. The event is sensational, exceeding expectations”, he added.

Grupo Esportes da Sorte, which is already an established brand, expanded its operations with the creation of Onabet, focused on the affiliate market. According to Ferreira, the response has been phenomenal, with more than 10 thousand registered affiliates, breaking records month after month.


Pedro Albuquerque highlighted the importance of Brazilian regulation and the benefits it brings to everyone involved. “Regulation is a big deal, the group was interested in this happening. The market outside Brazil is completely regulated and we were already working on that.”

“It brings security to our partners, ambassadors, our football teams and our players. It brings security to all businesses,” said Albuquerque.