The importance of payment methods for betting sites

When we talk about the challenges of expanding the public of betting sites, it is quite common that questions are raised such as the lack of regulation, the history of years of banning gambling in Brazil, the difficulty that many have in understanding how to place a bet, understand the markets, etc.

However, little is said about a crucial point in a customer joining a gaming site: payment methods. We, who deal with betting industry customers all day at our company, see that obviously everyone wants to increase deposit amounts on their website.

From this almost unanimous objective among operators, several points of improvement must be made. We talked, for example, about the need to improve the navigability of the platform, facilitating the customer journey.

It is also quite common to suggest the reduction of obstacles and possible difficulties in the registration processes. Of course, all this has to be done taking all the care involved in KYC and everything that is required for the health of the operation. However, in the eyes of the customer, the registration process should be as easy as possible.

Another relevant point is the production of content that is capable of really “educating” the lay public, leading them to risk their first guesses. And of course this is of paramount importance, after all, information is essential for customers to understand betting as a form of entertainment like any other.

But, payment methods are often not emphasized much in marketing plans. I’m sure this topic is much more important than it seems.

In a deposit, the customer is entrusting his financial resources to a betting site

So, you have a lead delighted with the words of your brand ambassadors, usually sports personalities, right?

He also did an excellent job on the site, making this user understand how he makes a combined bet on three football games. And he’s excited because he understands how much and how he can earn.

But…the time has come when any of us still have our reservations when it comes to making a purchase on the Internet. The time to make your payment information available.

How many times have we not found ourselves checking if the site has the SSL “lock”?

Or, checking if we are really on the official website of a store? Or, moving your finger on the mobile screen carefully, so as not to click on suspicious links?

So put yourself in the shoes of the new customer of the betting sites. The moment of deposit is unique so that he feels protected and supported!

We must always remember that customers of betting sites are depositing their hard-earned and valued money into them. It’s an investment.

Provide security for sensitive data such as payment

It is a fact that the sites present several options in payment methods and put them all at the customer’s choice. Boletos, pix, credit cards, digital wallets. However, many times the user only sees the logo of each one of these methods, without knowing exactly the conditions implicit in each one of them.

What are the limits accepted in the transactions of each payment method? Will I have to pay service fees? Is my data safe on this site? All these questions are in the mind of our client.

When not fully clarified, such doubts can easily drive the customer away from the world of betting. Or, take it to your competitor, who was more concerned about this issue.

So, if you are a trader, here’s a tip: the exercise of putting yourself in the novice customer’s shoes is something to be done every day, challenging the most diverse aspects of your operation.

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