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MGM China and FAOM team up to promote responsible gaming in Macau


Foto: Divulgação/ MGM

MGM China and the Macau Trade Union Federation (FAOM) have joined forces in a remarkable initiative to promote responsible gaming in the region.

Under the motto “Contributing to a Harmonious Community – RG Macau Express”, a series of events have been held, aiming to raise awareness among both local residents and tourists visiting the city.

During May’s Golden Week, the first event was successfully promoted, followed by another on May 23 in Barra District. Both events featured a range of interactive activities and bilingual information materials.

And the commitment doesn’t stop there, as six more events are planned until December. This series of meetings is expected to reach a significant audience, estimated at 8 thousand people.

Importantly, in 2023, MGM Macau and MGM Cotai received recognition as Model Responsible Gaming Implementation Units. This is recognition of these establishments’ commitment to responsible practices in the entertainment and gaming sector.

Macau casinos break revenue record

In March of this year, Macau casinos recorded a historic increase in revenue. In this way, they boosted the increase in the number of visitors and the easing of pandemic restrictions.

Although they have not yet fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels, casinos have diversified their offerings, becoming entertainment centers.

MGM China announced financial independence, reflecting confidence in the future. Despite regulatory challenges, analysts predict significant non-gaming investments.

In 2023, the region saw an impressive increase in gross gaming revenue. Thus, leading major operators to increase spending on non-gaming investments by 20%.

About MGM Macau

MGM Macau is one of the city’s leading entertainment and integrated resort companies, offering a wide range of leisure and entertainment options for its visitors.

About FAOM

The Macau Trade Union Federation (FAOM) is an organization committed to protecting the rights and interests of workers in Macau.

In addition to its union activities, FAOM also plays a key role in promoting a healthy and harmonious community by collaborating on various social and corporate responsibility initiatives, such as promoting responsible gaming in partnership with MGM China.

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