Las Vegas
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Singer Taylor Swift may surpass football player and boyfriend Travis Kelce in financial gains, but Super Bowl LVIII had a much greater economic impact on Las Vegas.

The sporting event generated almost four times more money in the gaming city’s economy than Swift’s two concerts at the same venue in 2023, according to data from the company AirDNA.

In other words, during the Super Bowl, NFL fans spent about $5.73 million more than on a normal weekend. Meanwhile, Swift’s concerts generated an additional $1.6 million for the city.

The analysis considered additional nights booked and the average price increase due to demand.

Average revenue increases in Las Vegas with shows and sporting events

In total, $4.82 million in additional vacation rental nights were booked during the Super Bowl, with additional revenue of $908,780 due to price increases.

By comparison, Swift’s shows generated $1.23 million in additional nights and $379,000 in above-average revenue.

Thus, the average rental rate during the Super Bowl per season was $365 per night, a 19% increase from the previous weekend. At Swift’s shows, the average fee was US$316, an increase of 10%.

But Las Vegas has 15,500 vacation rental units, most of them luxury apartments on or near the Las Vegas Strip.

So that’s in addition to the region’s 156,100 hotel rooms, as estimated by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Therefore, the Super Bowl emerged as a huge catalyst for the Las Vegas economy. But that doesn’t mean that large events like Taylor Swift’s concerts aren’t fantastic for the city.