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The NHL has selected Las Vegas, a steadily growing city on the sports scene, to host the 2024 Draft at the Sphere on June 28-29.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the decision during this week’s NHL Board of Governors meeting, highlighting the positive progress in completing the change.

Bettman added that he believes the event as a whole will be “amazing,” aiming for an innovative fan experience with Sphere.

First sporting event in the Sphere

The NHL will make history by holding an event at Sphere, an 18,600-seat globe-shaped arena known for its immersive technology, including a 16k indoor LED screen and outdoor LED displays.

“It will be the first sporting event on Sphere, and I believe it will be a highly viewed event, both in terms of the draft itself and the viral use of Sphere on and off, using the globe,” Bettman said.

“We think it will be fun. We think it will be dramatic and engaging. The Vegas Golden Knights will be “very happy to host the draft at the Sphere,” commented President of Hockey Operations George McPhee.

He added: “Anyone you talk to says it’s just incredible. It’s a fascinating, incredible opportunity. My God, what a monumental moment in sports.”

The latest NHL draft

This will likely be the last NHL draft to feature representatives from all 32 teams on site.

Starting in 2025, the draft will be decentralized, with most team executives remaining in their local markets for real-time access.

Sphere is located off the Las Vegas Strip, less than three miles from T-Mobile Arena, home of the Golden Knights.

Las Vegas elevates status with Sphere on NHL agenda

Las Vegas maintains its position as a sports hub, and the Sphere on the NHL schedule reinforces that status.

With the Super Bowl approaching in Vegas, the NHL draft stands out as yet another sporting landmark, attracting tourists from across the country.