Foto: instagram @citifield

Steve Cohen, the owner of the New York Mets, just announced a monumental project: an $8 billion resort and casino in Queens, New York.

This ambitious development aims to revitalize an area around the iconic Citi Field stadium, transforming it into an epicenter of entertainment and leisure.

The proposal, which comes in collaboration with Hard Rock International, promises to be a milestone in community development, offering new opportunities and experiences for residents and visitors to the region.

It should be noted that the New York Mets are a baseball team from Major League Baseball (MLB). Therefore, the team is in the National League East Division. Thus, sending their games to the Citi Field Stadium, with a capacity for almost 42 thousand people.

Casino will offer year-round entertainment options

Cohen’s vision for Metropolitan Park is to create a vibrant, year-round destination beyond baseball season.

With the promise of generating 15,000 permanent, well-paying jobs, the project emphasizes local job creation and economic development.

The initiative aims to provide job opportunities in construction, with a special focus on hiring Queens residents. Therefore, reinforcing Cohen’s commitment to inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the area.

Sustainability and leisure: The ecological vision of Metropolitan Park

Cohen’s project goes beyond entertainment, with a strong focus on sustainability and improving residents’ quality of life.

The resort and casino proposal includes expanding green spaces, connecting local parks to the seafront and creating infrastructure for sports and leisure.

Additionally, the development plans to include a Hard Rock hotel, a variety of restaurants and bars, a casino, a gambling service and event space.

Metropolitan Park is also committed to offering affordable dining options, highlighting local cuisine and providing spaces for community events.