Why Brazilian Players Should Visit Portuguese Casinos

Portugal is already part of the tourist itinerary of many Brazilians. In addition to historical partners and sharing the same language, another characteristic that unites the two countries is the appreciation for betting. Unlike Brazil, in Portugal casinos are allowed by law, so many tourists see this as a great opportunity to get to know these ventures.

The most experienced players recognize the excellence in the legalized services of each online casino in Portugal. But it is also necessary to praise the great terrestrial entertainment centers. Next, we will present the reasons why it is necessary to include casinos in the travel itinerary:

Why visit Portuguese Casinos?

The physical casinos present the traditional game modalities, so appreciated by gamblers. The experience of facing a real dealer and the challenges that each game provides is always very exciting. But we must point out that there are other reasons to visit these spaces.

Gambling would be the most obvious reason, however, we can guarantee that many prefer to do other activities in these places. There are several casinos spread across the country and each of them has its own attractions.

Thousands of Awesome Games

There are hundreds of modalities like slots, blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker and several other games. The tables are distributed in the halls, and it is up to the players to know the games, the rules and all the important information that is essential for the matches.

In the face of victories, bettors will not have to pay fees or taxes. The money that players receive in Portuguese casinos is tax free. That’s good news for any player.

Although the number of machines in physical casinos is smaller than the online versions, it is possible to be surprised by the impressive quality of these games. Getting to know the entire environment and the services offered further increases the connection with the place.

Fun and Lots of Entertainment

Players should not only visit the facilities where the games are located, but also the entire structure prepared to receive tourists and locals. After all, the companies also offer modern art galleries full of works that can be appreciated by many of their visitors.

Those who like shows will be delighted with the dance, theater, music and other artistic options. Tourists who wish can check the agenda so as not to miss any opportunity. There are also auditoriums that receive large national and international conferences.

Gastronomy is another highlight of this trip to Portugal. The casinos have award-winning restaurants and bars that stand out for the quality of the dishes and drinks available.

Tourist Locations

Tourists visiting Portugal should not limit themselves only to routes in the capital Lisbon, but also enjoy the landscapes and the entire infrastructure of the interior of the country. Casinos are spread across numerous regions and many of them are still unknown by Brazilians. Therefore, this is the ideal opportunity to learn more about the culture, history and get in direct contact with nature and the local population.

Casino tourism also favors the development of the areas where they are located. The surrounding trade, as well as the offer of services and hotel facilities, also foster the local economy and economic growth. New investors are betting on Portugal as a world reference in the gambling sector.

Photo: Agência Brasil


Portugal stands out not only for its incredible casinos, but also because of its above average services. The country has already won the World Travel Awards, considered the Oscar of tourism, as “Best Tourist Destination in Europe”. In addition, it boasts several other titles in various categories.

The recognition of Portugal as a major tourist center can be clearly observed by the number of people willing to return to the country. On vacation, many Brazilians already have a certain destination and Portuguese casinos are at the top of the list of travel itineraries.