Macau closes casinos and enters lockdown to curb increase in Covid-19 cases
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The Chinese city of Macau, in the south of the country, enters a period of isolation from this Monday, 11, in order to contain the increase in cases of Covid-19. The measure was adopted by the authorities, who ordered the closure of the casinos. Remembering that Macau is internationally known for being the gambling hub in China.

Only essential services, such as markets, health institutions and food establishments, will be able to continue operating. All other businesses have been forced to suspend activities for a week, and Macau residents are required to stay in their homes.

Local authorities urged residents not to be alarmed and not to stock up on food, making purchases at alternate times to allow for social distancing. All adults who need to leave the house must wear face masks. According to Exame, anyone who disrespects the rules can be arrested.

Casinos are affected after first attempt to contain damage

The action taken in Macau by the local chief executive, Ho Iat-seng, had already started at the end of June with the closing of cinemas, gyms, swimming pools and other public places. The lockdown comes after an attempt to reduce cases without harshly impacting the gambling segment, essential for the local economy, which is heavily dependent on casinos.

Ho Iat-seng himself commented that the closure of all casinos would “affect a lot of employees.” Therefore, casinos in the region were allowed to continue operations until this Monday.

However, in recent days, the region has recorded numerous cases of Covid-19, the worst outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, the government changed its mind and decreed a general lockdown.

Macau currently has a population of 650,000 residents, and throughout the pandemic it has promoted severe measures to contain Covid-19, imposing quarantines for visitors of up to 28 days.

Even today, only residents of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China can travel to Macau. And even then, most need to go through a 10-day quarantine upon arrival.