List of the 5 best movies that take place in casinos
Scene from Ocean´s Eleven (Photo: Disclosure / Warner Bros)

The return of casinos is being discussed in the National Congress, but Brazilians can already have access to games in online casinos. There are currently plenty of opportunities and online gaming tables have increased significantly in the past year, reaching 150% compared to 2020.

However, the glamor of land-based casinos has always been very well portrayed in movies. With another edition of the Oscars taking place this Sunday, the 27th, this is a great time to get to know some productions that take place in casinos.

Selection of the 5 best movies that take place in casinos


The 1943 classic brings the story of a casino in Morocco, highlighting roulette games. Rick Blaine is in the city of Casablanca, starts managing a nightclub and comes across an old love, which is committed. Acclaimed to this day, the classic won three statuettes at the 1944 Oscars, including Best Picture.

Run Lola, Run

Run, Lola, Run is one of the most important works of German cinema. In the story, Lola needs to raise a large sum of money to help her boyfriend. One of the great tricks of the production is to offer three different endings.

That is, the character has three possibilities to raise the amount to save her boyfriend. When the first two chances are thwarted, she decides to go all-in on roulette and cleverly learns various types of bets from the game.

Ocean´s Eleven

In the plot, a group of 11 men intend to rob the three main casinos of Las Vegas in the same night. The film depicts the facilities of Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Grand. With critical and public success, the franchise gained other memorable sequels.

The Pelayos

According to H2Foz, this 2012 movie is one of the best about casinos and has a plot based on the true story of the Gonzalo García-Pelayo family, known for developing a way to win fortunes at roulette in casinos around the world.

In the feature, Ingrid is a casino croupier and starts dating Alfredo, one of the members of the family and a regular customer of the casino. Also, the character’s boss disapproves of her relationship with a customer.

The Hangover

The blockbuster trilogy, the hilarious comedy ‘The Drink Up, Don’t Marry’, grossed over $500 million. The first feature was released in 2009, showing four friends on a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy Doug Billings’ bachelor party. After a restless night, Doug disappears, and the friends remember absolutely nothing.

Sequels were released at intervals of two years each, all of which mention casinos. However, casino stints in the second production take place at several locations: Caesars Palace, New York-New York, Las Vegas, and the Venetian.