Gazeta do Povo discusses legalization of casinos and gambling in Brazil

In December of last year, the Chamber of Deputies approved the urgency of the proposal that allows gambling in Brazil. However, the matter still generates controversy between the support base and the ministers of President Jair Bolsonaro, who has already declared that he must veto the project, but stressed: “if the parliament overturns the veto, we will comply with the law”.

In an election year, the subject gains more and more repercussion in the National Congress and in civil society. Supporters of the idea argue that the return of casinos and the liberalization of gambling can both boost the Brazilian economy and generate thousands of jobs. The project should be voted on in the Chamber in February this year.

The liberation of gambling in the country was the subject of debate in Gazeta do Povo

In a recent edition of the podcast ‘O Papo É’, by Gazeta do Povo, the topic was discussed by the participants: Jônatas Dias Lima in the presentation, in addition to the columnists of Gazeta do Povo, Guilherme Fiuza, Rodrigo Constantino and Bruna Frascolla.

“I don’t like the idea of ​​moralization through the state, I understand the danger of addiction, the danger of family destruction with gambling and drinking. But I don’t like the state to be the moralizing agent. Individual freedom needs to be attached to the idea of ​​responsibility”, declared Rodrigo Constantino.

In addition, Constantino mentioned that the proposal also serves to regulate something that is already happening in Brazil today. “I think that by legalizing it, you bring to light what is already happening in the shadows. Even with my more conservative bias, I am sympathetic to the idea. (…) I think that the casino generates tourism, trade fairs, it has a whole market of commerce, restaurants, shopping malls, etc”, he reinforced.

He also recalled that online gambling already takes place in the country, as well as other types of legalized gambliing such as lotteries. “Nowadays, it (casino) goes far beyond gambling and gambling is already happening illegally, online gambling and even official gambling, such as lotteries. Putting all this together, I understand the concerns of the evangelical bench, but I close with those who defend the legalization of gambling in Brazil”, he concluded.