Las Vegas casino teams vaccinated or not back to wearing masks
Photo: Steve Marcus/Reuters

The use of masks is once again mandatory for casino employees in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the very least, the rule will remain in effect until the 17th of August. The imposition covers both workers vaccinated against COVID-19 and workers not immunized.

Casinos have even waived the use of masks for newly vaccinated employees. However, as a result of a recommendation by the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), the Clark County Commission decided, by unanimous vote, to make the use of safety items mandatory for employees of all companies.

The imposition of masks takes place while employees are in public spaces of the establishments. The recommendation of the health agency comes as a response to the growth of cases of the disease in the United States, in recent months, although with numbers not as expressive as those at the same time last year and far from the peak period.

But Las Vegas Sands Corp, the company that runs the Venetian, had already introduced the rule last week. “In response to the new SNHD recommendations, we have established that all team members (vaccinated or not) wear masks provided by the company while working in indoor public spaces and in indoor areas where people gather,” stated in the company’s official statement.

The official note continued: “In addition, we have updated our plaques placed in public entrances to share this new recommendation.”

Las Vegas casinos returned to 100% capacity in June

The city of Las Vegas completely reopened casinos, hotels and restaurants on June 1 of this year, when all regulations aimed at minimizing the chances of contagion were suspended.

From then on, casinos no longer needed to respect public occupancy limits. Previously, casinos with 80% of employees properly immunized were authorized to operate fully.