Nevada Casinos-out-US-1-billion-in-earnings-for-second-consecutive-month

Slot Machines’ gross earnings were US$793.7 million (over 20.5%), the highest in the state’s history. Nevada bookmakers won about $27.2 million from bettors in April on a total stake of $458.1 million.

The state’s casinos posted more than $1 billion in gross earnings for the second consecutive month in April, up 11% from April 2019, the year before the pandemic began.

The State Gaming Control Office noted last week that the casino’s total gross winnings last month reached nearly $1.04 billion. Comparing fiscal 2021 with 2020, the state’s gross gaming income fell by only 6%, but the comparison with a year earlier was not relevant because casinos across the state had been closed from mid-March to the beginning. of July 2020 to prevent COVID-19 from moving forward.

Before the closures, casinos had generated more than $1 billion in three consecutive quarters. In March, they hit that mark again.

Michael Lawton, senior research analyst for the Nevada Office of Gaming Control, noted that gross income rose slightly in April at properties on the main resort corridor on the Las Vegas Strip, while casinos in downtown Las Vegas and the rest of the Clark County have broken income records in history for consecutive months. “The numbers are incredible. They are record,” he noted, according to KLAS.

Records being broken in Nevada

Although it posted a calendar year decline, Tira posted a 12.4% increase in April as it reported a total gross gain of $483.4 million. Slots proved to be the big winners in April, releasing the highest total in the state’s history.

Slot Machines gross earnings were $793.7 million, an increase of 20.5%. It broke the previous record of $779.6 million set in October 2007.

The Reno area posted the highest gross total in earnings since July 2008, and statewide sports betting also set records in April, according to Lawton. Nevada bookmakers earned a gross profit of $27.2 million from bettors in April on a total amount of money wagered of $458.1 million.

Sports betting has also increased

In April 2019, sports books had a gross income of $21.5 million out of a total stake of $327.5 million, so the April figures showed a 26.3% increase in income and an increase of 39.9% on the total amount wagered on pre-pandemic numbers, according to VSiN.

The state ranked third overall in US sports betting money for April, with New Jersey at $747 million a month, Pennsylvania at $479 million and Nevada at $458 million.

The state raised more than $79 million in revenue based on April figures, which is about $19,000 more than in April 2020.

Nevada casinos are not yet authorized to operate at 100% capacity, but will be able to do so as of June 1st.