Vaccination plan in the Dominican Republic will target casino employees

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Casino sector began mass vaccination of employees in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic casinos have started vaccinating their employees against COVID-19, in a process coordinated by the Department of Public Health.

The action is part of a strategy to prioritize the tourism and games industry aiming to make the country a totally safe destination to receive millions of visitors after the months of pandemic and social restrictions.

“Our customers continue to be our priority and we have become one of the first countries in Latin America to have the vaccine available to our employees in the casino industry”, stated in an official statement from the Dominican Gaming Casino Association (ADCJ).

For David Moniz, the president of ADCJ, “the vaccination of all our employees in the Dominican Republic makes us very happy, as it is a fundamental measure to guarantee the safety and health of our customers and employees”.

The president of the Dominican Republic gaming organization also quoted: “We thank and commend the very successful measures taken by the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, as well as the unconditional support for tourism, provided by his minister, David Collado”.

According to official data, the country recorded 266 thousand cases of the disease with 3400 deaths.

About the Dominican Gambling Casinos Association

ADCJ was founded three decades ago. The main purpose is to promote the defense of the interests of its members, organize the game activity, ensure solidarity and mutual assistance between them. ADCJ also acts to be a national and international reference in the hospitality, gaming and casino sectors.

In addition, the association seeks to defend in all public and private sectors the regulated and legal activity of gambling in the Dominican Republic, subject to its execution in the places, forms and conditions established by law.

The agency currently has David José Moniz as president and a Board of Directors, formed by the elected officials of the associated casinos.