Stephen A. Crystal: ‘The world is waiting for the expansion of legalized gaming in Brazil’

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 Updated on 22/02/2021 às 13h35
Stephen-A.-Crysta- ‘The-world-is-waiting-for-the-expansion-of-legalized-game-in-Brazil’

The year 2021 began with great national and international expectations about the conclusion of the regulatory process for betting and the possibility of legalizing other types of gambling in Brazil. The global industry is paying attention to advances in the process, and SCCG Management, founded by Stephen A. Crystal, is one such example.

The company specializes in sports betting, sports and affiliate marketing, intellectual property protection, eSports, casino management and government affairs for the casino and iGaming industry.

With over 20 years of experience in casinos, the technology industry and iGaming, Stephen A. Crystal offers consulting and serves as CEO of numerous casino holdings and public gaming companies, in addition to investing in the $ 2 billion project range , in the casino gaming segment.

The iGaming Brazil team spoke to Stephen, who during the interview told about his trajectory and how the North American market has grown in recent years. In addition, he admitted that he is following developments in the Brazilian market and that “he would like to participate in this growth by bringing the best in technology for Brazil”.

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iGaming Brasil: With more than two decades of direct involvement in the casino and gaming industry, could you tell us what motivated you to enter the industry initially? What were the main obstacles in your path?

Stephen Crystal: I initially entered the gaming industry as a land use lawyer with a specialization in Riverboat Gaming zoning, which is how the game expanded in the US outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The key to success at that time was being creative and focusing on problem solving. These two factors have been essential in overcoming obstacles ever since.

iGaming Brasil: Is it possible to list the main transformations or the main transformation factor that the casino and games market has undergone in this period?

Stephen Crystal: In the 1990s and 2000s, casino gaming in the United States went from legal in two states NJ (New Jersey) and NV (Nevada) to legal in more than 40 states. An incredible expansion fueled mainly by the expansion of Native American casinos. Today we are seeing the same explosive growth in the USA, fueled by sports betting and iGaming.

iGaming Brasil: 2020 was a challenging year for the gaming industry in general. How has SCCG Management dealt with all the barriers imposed by the pandemic in recent months?

Stephen Crystal: Fortunately for SCCG, we prospered throughout 2020 due to the rapid growth of sports betting and iGaming in the U.S. during that period. As one of the leading gaming consultancy companies in the U.S., we partner with 25 of the world’s leading technology and brand suppliers on sports betting and iGaming verticals.

iGaming Brasil: The Latin American market is growing exponentially with several countries legalizing games. What are your expectations regarding the approval of the regulation of sports betting and casinos, specifically in the Brazilian market?

Stephen Crystal: After Brazil regulates sports betting and casinos, it will instantly become one of the largest gaming markets in the world, fueled by a large population base and a taste for gambling. And as a major tourist destination worldwide, casinos will be a welcome entertainment option. The world is watching and waiting for an opportunity to expand legal gambling in Brazil.

iGaming Brasil: In addition, the debate on the resumption of casinos has also returned to the agenda in Brazil, with one of the main proposals referring to casinos in resorts. What do you think of this exploration model for the Brazilian market?

Stephen Crystal: I am optimistic about the prospects for Brazil to legalize casinos in resorts and sports betting. I would like to participate in this growth bringing the best in technology for Brazil. Brazil already has an incredible infrastructure for game development and game technology. This will only make Brazil a world-class destination for tourists from all over the world.