Countdown to Trump Plaza implosion in Atlantic City

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Countdown to Trump Plaza implosion in Atlantic City
Photo: NJ.Com

Everything is on track for the Trump Plaza to be wiped off the Atlantic City skyline. The casino has been empty for almost seven years and now virtually nothing can be done to prevent the implosion next month.

The ruined building is part of a legacy that is coming to an end and, even with the implosion of the ‘D day’ of the implosion, the issue is still controversial.

An auction to grant the rights to press the red button to fire the explosives was suspended at the last minute, but a new system is being worked out to take its place.

It may seem appropriate for some that Wednesday, February 17, marks the day when Trump Plaza turns to dust. And, it will represent the end of the investments of former United States President Donald Trump in the betting industry.

Atlantic City has been trying in recent years to demolish the casino, but encounters resistance from its current owner at every opportunity. Carl Icahn, a billionaire investor, bought the property in 2016, but was never able to formulate a plan to reactivate the business.

In preparation for the implosion, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small created a campaign last month to benefit the local Boys & Girls Club group. An auction would be held to allow the highest bidder to trigger the explosion.

But Icahn’s group decided, at the time the auction was coming to an end, that there were “security concerns” that forced the event to be canceled.

As a result, the highest bid of $ 175,000 that would go to the nonprofit was lost. As promised, Icahn agreed to donate the lost profits to the Boys & Girls Club as a gesture of goodwill.

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Change in the auction system to accompany the destruction of Trump Plaza

However, there is another style of auction going on, and profits will still go to the same institution, which is recovering from a tricky 2020 because of COVID-19. The theme of the new auction is based on an experience of appreciation of implosion, called: “Imploding Viewing Party”.

The auction grants two seats in the first row to see the implosion. According to the new concept: “You will be a VIP guest from Atlantic City and will have one of the best views in One Atlantic during the Implosion ceremony with the mayor and other city officials”.

In addition, the winning bid “will be entitled to one night’s stay with a guest at the Ocean Casino Resort in front of the beach, elected one of the best casinos, with the best rooms and best accommodations on the Boardwalk or The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Boardwalk! You will also receive a dinner for two at one of the chain’s famous restaurants! ”.

Although it does not carry the same symbolism of pushing the button that would destroy Trump Plaza, the auction is still an excellent opportunity to witness a major change in Atlantic City up close.

Bidding starts in just over 12 days, so prospective participants must pool their available resources now to start preparing their bids.