Enjoy Punta del Este will resume activities in December

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Enjoy Punta del Este will resume activities on December 11

The Enjoy Punta del Este complex will return to operation on December 11, after eight months with its doors closed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The company assured that it will try to boost local tourism.

Ignacio Sarmiento, general manager of the complex, said that the resumption of business will take place in compliance with all health protocols imposed by health authorities, “based on the highest national and international standards” and with limited capacity.

“This first phase of reopening, which will take place during the summer, will allow part of our employees to return to their tasks and our suppliers to start operating again,” said Sarmiento.

According to Sarmiento, the complex will be able to receive national and foreign customers who live in the country, in order to enhance the “proposal for domestic tourism promoted by the Uruguayan government”.

According to SBC Notícias, the manager detailed the preparation for the reopening, reinforcing that there will be a restricted number of open floors and only four restaurants. In addition, the team is reorganizing the internal structure to ensure adequate spacing between machines and tables.

Enjoy Punta del Este must present news to customers

However, Enjoy Punta del Este reported that it took advantage of this closed period to design “new entertainment spaces”, such as the “Enjoy Win SportsBar” where sporting events will be shown and customers will be able to play for free on the Enjoy platform Win.

Ignacio Sarmiento also pointed out that “when all this started, we closed our complex with pain. It was time to heed the authorities’ recommendations to stay at home and avoid any activity that could facilitate the spread of the virus ”.

He concluded: “Since March, we haven’t stopped working and looking for alternatives to make our return. We were very close to our people, our employees and their families, to listen to their needs, to respond to their concerns and to support them in different ways throughout this process ”.