Betsson Leads Casino Game Ranking in Sweden

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Betsson Leads Casino Game Ranking in Sweden
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The scenario of online casinos varies from one jurisdiction to another. Because of regulation, operators cannot offer every game in their portfolio to each country. Therefore, to properly evaluate casino games, the research team at Quarterly Online Gambling looked at the segment in Sweden.

First, it was necessary to quantify the games offered on the sites in Sweden by category. Slot games dominate the casino segment of local operators, averaging 1004 slots per deal. Thus, slots appeared in most game categories in Sweden.

Operators in Sweden offer an average of 32 table games, while the largest number provided by an operator (Guts) is 148. Jackpot games are relatively common: on average, operators presented 49 titles. The maximum is 191, a brand belonging to Betsson.

Operators with the widest range of casino games in Sweden

For general benchmarking of casino games, Online Gambling Quarterly ranked brands based on the number of casino games in all categories: slots, jackpot games and table games.

Each operator received a score, so the leading company earned 15 points, second place got 14 points, and so on. Betsson and Guts take first and second place in the overall ranking of casino games, respectively.

Both companies were ranked in the best positions in each individual game category, placing them at the forefront of the overall list. While Green came in third.

Slot Benchmarking

In the slot machine category, Online Gambling Quarterly let operators decide what would count as a slot game. Anything pointed out by the operator as a slot game (excluding jackpot or progressive games) entered benchmarking.

The operators in Sweden registered an average of 1004 slots. The leader, with 1747 games in his portfolio, was Guts. Speedy Casino followed with the second highest number of slot games: 1657. Video slots ranked third, with 1551 slots.