Foto: Jozzu/Agência Corinthians

Corinthians received a formal notification from the Civil Police, addressed to President Augusto Melo, containing specific questions about the contract signed with VaideBet, a master sponsorship valued at R$360 million, with a contractual duration scheduled for three years.

The ongoing investigation by the Civil Police covers not only Corinthians, but also Alex Cassundé, partner at Rede Social Media Design, and Edna Oliveira dos Santos, resident in Peruíbe, on the south coast of São Paulo, whose name is associated with the case under analysis .

The complaint was initially published by “Juca Kfouri’s Blog“. Thus, suspicions arose about Rede Social Media Design, the company responsible for intermediating the sponsorship contract.

They suspect that the Social Media Design Network passed on part of the amounts received as commission to the fictitious company Neoway Soluções Integradas em Serviços Ltda.

According to information gathered, this fictitious company would be formally registered in the name of Edna Oliveira dos Santos. She claims that she had no knowledge or effective participation in its business.

It is noteworthy that to date, Corinthians has already transferred two significant installments, worth R$700,000 each, to the intermediary mentioned in the sponsorship contract.

Photo: Hugo Rodrigues/Ag. Corinthians

Police notification in the VaideBet and Corinthians case

The “UOL” portal first published the Civil Police notification to Corinthians. The club has not commented so far.

Corinthians only published an official note about the case last month. “The club emphasizes that it is not responsible for any transfer of funds to third parties. If any evidence of illegal acts is presented, it will be discussed with the Deliberative Council for any necessary measures”.

While VaideBet sent a press release at the end of May, claiming that “it was contacted by an intermediary agent about the possibility of signing an agreement for master sponsorship of Corinthians and was taken by the aforementioned intervening party to the club’s board of directors for the start of negotiations. There was never any contact with any other company regarding negotiations for the sponsorship agreement.”

It is important to highlight that the monitoring and management of this case are under the responsibility of the Citizen Protection Police Department (DPPC). As well as the third police station, specialized in investigations related to money laundering.

Currently, the investigation is in its initial phase, with the process of collecting documents and statements underway. Therefore, the expectation is that this preliminary phase will last for another two weeks before the possible opening of a formal inquiry to deepen the investigations.