Fluminense oficializa maior contrato de patrocínio da história com a Superbet
Fotos: Lucas Merçon e Marina Garcia/FFC

Fluminense officially announced Superbet as its new master sponsorship.

The sports betting platform will stamp its brand on the most important place on the men’s and women’s football uniforms for three seasons (2024/25/26).

With this contract, Tricolor is in the Top 4 among Brazilian club sponsorships.

The partnership was celebrated at a party in the Salão Nobre at the Laranjeiras headquarters, last Monday night, while the debut of the logo on the shirt will take place in the game against Colo-Colo, Tuesday (09/04), at Maracanã.

The contract between Fluminense and Superbet, which represents a significant increase in the value of the master sponsorship, is the result of the moment in which the club lives on and off the field and is the result of reconstruction work that began almost five years ago.

The CEO of Superbet Brasil, Alexandre Fonseca, celebrated the partnership with the current champion of America. “For us at Superbet, it is a pleasure and an honor to join a century-old club with a thousand glories like Fluminense. We are looking for new super seasons, being sure that together we will make history”, he stated.

“The arrival of Superbet as our partner involves understanding the value and size of Fluminense. We hope that, together, Fluminense and Superbet build a beautiful history, continuing the path of victories and achievements”, added the president of Fluminense, Mário Bittencourt.

Fluminense makes official the biggest sponsorship contract in history with Superbet
Photos: Lucas Merçon and Marina Garcia/FFC

Event with 400 people celebrates historic contract between Fluminense and Superbet

In a big party including a show by singer Ferrugem, Fluminense celebrated its new sponsorship agreement.

The event in the Salão Nobre at Laranjeiras headquarters had 400 guests, former players who made history at the club and a parade of models wearing the tricolor armor with the new brand printed on it.

The celebration began with the showing of a video that recalled some unforgettable moments from Fluminense. Soon afterwards, President Mário Bittencourt spoke about the importance of the new partnership.

“This is a very special night for us. A night in which a big brand in the world market bets on Fluminense. This new sponsor, which is without a doubt the biggest in the club’s history, is the consolidation of the work that we have been doing over the last five years,” said Bittencourt.

The CEO of Superbet in Brazil also spoke during the celebration. “We see commitment and serious work at the club. When you meet the Fluminense team, you see the way things are done, with austerity, seriousness and commitment.”

“For a sponsor, this is extremely important. Companies only want to invest where they have projects”, he concluded.