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Debt with Pixbet makes justice to block R$38 million from Corinthians


The 43rd Civil Court of São Paulo urgently issued the decision to block R$38.8 million from Corinthians’ accounts in response to a lawsuit filed by Pixbet, the club’s former sponsor.

Pixbet is demanding a fine of R$20 million from Corinthians due to an exclusivity clause in the sponsorship contract, which prohibited the club from accepting competing sponsors in the sports betting sector.

Previously, the Pixbet logo was displayed on the shoulder of the team’s shirt, but was replaced following a deal with VaideBet, announced on January 7th.

In addition to the fine, Pixbet is seeking the refund of part of the amount paid to Corinthians as an advance for signing the contract. At the end of 2022, the company agreed to pay R$30 million to Corinthians in two installments, one immediately and the other in January 2023, with the contract expected to run until 2025.

Initially, the president of Corinthians, Augusto Melo, stated that Pixbet’s fine would be assumed by VaideBet. However, in a recent interview, he revealed that, in fact, the club will be responsible for covering this amount.

Corinthians Agency/Disclosure

Corinthians is trying to negotiate an installment payment agreement with Pixbet, but the company does not agree with this proposal. So far, the club has not yet commented on the court decision.

Carlos Leite demands a debt of R$62.5 million in legal action against Corinthians

Corinthians is also facing another lawsuit filed by companies linked to player agent Carlos Leite. This is a debt of R$62.5 million arising from contracts signed since 2014.

Last year, the club agreed to settle these outstanding issues through the assignment of credits with Brax Produções e Publicidade LTDA.

However, Brax refused to sign the contract, reportedly meeting a demand from the club’s new president.

As a result, Carlos Leite‘s companies took legal action against Corinthians, initially demanding R$16 million.

Currently, Carlos Leite represents the club’s players and has already granted financial loans to Timão.

Finally, regardless of the outcome, Carlos Leite assures that he will continue to treat his clients’ interests professionally, without harming the club. Furthermore, Corinthians has had five presidents since this debt arose.

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