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The betting company Betnacional established a naming rights agreement to associate its brand with the 2024 Copa do Nordeste, a competition that brings together teams from different states in the region and is affectionately known as the “Lampions League“, a fusion of “Lampião” with the Champions League.

Currently, 16 teams compete in a pre-knockout round to earn a place in the group stage, scheduled to begin on Sunday, February 4.

At this stage, the participation of América-RN, Bahia, Ceará, CRB, Fortaleza, Itabaiana, Maranhão, Náutico, River-PI, Sport, Treze and Vitória has already been confirmed.

In addition, Betnacional is also one of the official sponsors of the Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Brasileiro broadcasts on TV Globo, with sponsorship quotas set at R$260 million.

Newton Neto, founding partner of Lean Agência, responsible for marketing at Betnacional, shared the bookmaker’s strategies in an interview on the Placar website.

He highlighted the growth of Betnacional‘s presence in sports competitions and events in Brazil. “Today, we are one of the biggest betting sites in Brazil and a coveted brand.

This is the result of a lot of boldness, creativity, pioneering, but, above all, studies.

As our own betting platform (NSX), we thoroughly analyze the returns on investment of our shares, in addition to traffic sources and conversion rates,” said Neto.

Photo: Reproduction via Instagram @copanordestecbf

Copa do Nordeste: clubs, regulations and classifications

The 21st edition of the Northeast Football Cup, held in 2024, is organized by the Liga do Nordeste in collaboration with the CBF.

This edition highlights the debut of the clubs Maranhão (directly in the group stage) and Iguatu (in the preliminary stage), in addition to the returns of Itabaiana, River-PI and Treze after a year of absence. The current champion, Ceará, aims to win its fourth title in the competition.

Classification for the 2025 Copa do Brasil: The winning team of the 2024 Copa do Nordeste guarantees a direct place in the third phase of the 2025 Copa do Brasil.

Regulations: The competition currently consists of two tournaments – the Northeast Pre-Cup and the Northeast Cup itself.

Northeast Pre-Cup:

  • Phase 1: 16 teams compete in 8 groups, with the winners advancing.
  • Phase 2: The 8 classifieds face each other in 4 groups, with the winners advancing to the Copa do Nordeste.

Northeast Cup:

  • Group Stage: 16 teams divided into groups A and B play against each other, with the 4 best in each group advancing.
  • Quarter Finals: The remaining 8 teams are divided into 4 groups, where the winners advance.
  • Semifinal: The 4 teams face each other, with the winners advancing to the final.

Tiebreak criteria: In the event of a tie in the group, quarter-final and semi-final stages, the tie-break criteria include wins, goal difference, pro goals, red and yellow cards, followed by a draw.

Final of the competition

Eventually, two finalist teams compete in two matches, with the team with the best campaign hosting the second leg.

Thus, the points added in the group, quarter-final and semi-final stages determine the champion. In draws, the goal difference is considered and, if necessary, a penalty shootout is held.