Juventude anuncia Stake como novo Patrocinador Master
Crédito: Fernando Alves/E.C. Juventude

Juventude revealed its latest partnership, the bookmaker Stake is its new master sponsor. The Stake logo will be on the game and training shirts of Verdão’s professional men’s and women’s teams.

Thus, with this alliance, the Rio Grande do Sul club gains prominence not only among other sports organizations, but also in events sponsored by the bookmaker. For example, the Premier League team Everton, the Formula 1 team Stake and the UFC.

In addition to highlighting the Alviverdes t-shirts, the partnership extends to displaying the brand in advertising spaces at the Alfredo Jaconi stadium, at the CFAC (Athletes and Citizens Training Center) of Juventude, backdrops for interviews, official website and graphic materials on social media.

Youth gains international reach with partnership with Stake

Akhil Sarin, Marketing Director at Stake, expressed the significance of the agreement with Juventude as a crucial moment in the company’s trajectory.

According to him, “Brazil is a strategic market for the brand and this partnership with a Serie A football club is a significant milestone in our expansion strategy.”

“This collaboration goes beyond business, it is a celebration of the spirit and resilience of this club. We look forward to following Juventude’s success in this new phase in the first division”, he added.

The club’s president, Fábio Pizzamiglio, expressed enthusiasm with the arrival of Stake: “It’s fantastic to have a sponsor as powerful and recognized worldwide as Stake.”

“A leading brand in its segment that saw Juventude as a great opportunity to expand its presence in Brazil. We are motivated to reap the rewards of this partnership in the coming months”, added Pizzamiglio.

Juventude announces Stake as new master sponsor
Photo: Fernando Alves/E.C.Juventude

State Championship marks the start of the 2024 season for the club

Therefore, with the partnership established, the Stake brand will now be present in all activities of the Juventude professional team, which is currently preparing for the Campeonato Gaúcho.

In other words, this is an important step to strengthen the club’s presence and solidify its position in the national and international sporting sphere.