Parimatch announced the launch of Bet Builder, a feature that promises to elevate the experience of sports betting fans around the world.

Parimatch’s Bet Builder offers users the ease of combining different markets within the same match, enabling the creation of unique and personalized bets.

Benefits of Bet Builder

Whether predicting the full-time result, identifying the next top scorer or guessing the total number of goals, this unique feature empowers users to personalize their bets according to individual analysis and preferences.

The difference between Parimatch’s Bet Builder lies in its unparalleled flexibility. Thus, users have the ability to not only combine multiple Bet Builder selections into a single match, but also integrate these personalized bets across different sports offered by the platform.

This means that a user can create a bet for a football match and easily integrate it with tennis, basketball events or any other sport available on Parimatch.

How to create your bet with Parimatch’s Bet Builder?

• Choose the desired event: select the sporting event that captures your interest;

Activate the Bet Builder feature to explore the variety of markets available for matching;

Choose where to bet: Select between two and ten markets that align with your predictions and analysis;

Build Your Bet: Add chosen markets to your bet slip; Your custom Bet Builder bet is ready to be placed.

More than a simple resource, Parimatch’s Bet Builder represents a portal to a personalized and immersive betting experience.

Furthermore, it is the meeting point between intuition and innovation, giving users the power to personalize their bets like never before.

About Parimatch

Parimatch is a global betting brand that integrates technology, business and sports to deliver limitless entertainment based on innovation.

Created in 1994, Parimatch has grown to become one of the leading betting companies in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Parimatch operates through partners in the franchise model.

Thus, the company operates with a truly digital positioning and is continually developing and improving the quality of its customers’ experience, which is enjoyed by 600,000 active users and a total of 6 million.

In Brazil, Parimatch is currently the main sponsor of Botafogo and Stock Car.