Promovido pela BLZBets, jogo reúne sósias de craques e beneficia ações sociais

Seeing Messi, Romário, Vini Jr., Ronaldinho and Pelé together in the same game sounds like a football miracle, but it came close to happening. At least for the lookalikes of these legends, who proved that their similarities with the stars go beyond their looks in a charity match promoted by BLZBets.

The lookalikes were part of teams that represented two NGOs: the ESB Institute, which promotes the practice of sports in Maricá, along with social assistance in everyday life and in emergency situations caused by natural accidents in the region.

And the Instituto Esporte Mais, an organization dedicated to bringing sport to women across the country, in order to promote a more fair and equal world.

“Brazilians are so passionate about football that they are not only fans of the players who represent their country, but they also have fun with the lookalikes who are successful on the streets and on social media”, pointed out BLZBets about the event, which is free and open to the public. .

Promoted by BLZBets, the game brings together lookalikes of Pelé, Messi and Vini Jr and benefits social actions

“With the Match of the Stars, we want to take advantage of this enthusiasm to unite sports fans in support of a good cause”, he added.

Headed by the lookalike of the 2023 Ballon d’Or winner, Atlético Belezura was the winning team of the match and won a prize of R$7,500, which was donated to the ESB Institute, as well as the value of 50% of all bets placed during the event.

While the ESB Institute took R$2,500 and 50% of the donations.

Promoted by BLZBets, the game brings together Pelé and Messi lookalikes and benefits social actions

About BLZBets

Present in Brazil since 2023, BLZBets is an entertainment company dedicated to bringing the true Brazilian spirit to the sports betting sector.

The site is also available for mobile devices and, in addition to traditional sports, includes non-conventional sports such as squash, darts and snooker.

Therefore, BLZ Bets puts fun first while valuing 100% safe transactions and responsible gaming for players and employees.

About the ESB Institute

The ESB Institute was founded in 2013 by Frank Correia, who coordinates the project alongside a volunteer team.

Promoting surfing, bodysurfing, bodyboarding, running, kitesurfing and skateboarding in Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, the ESB Institute is financed by monthly contributions from students. They help promote social inclusion and generate a positive impact on the community.

About Instituto Esporte Mais

Based in Fortaleza, Instituto Esporte Mais was founded with the conviction that sport transcends courts and fields. Seeking to inspire the integral development of girls and women through programs and partnerships.

Aiming to be one of the country’s main leaders for social change, IEMais is certified by CAF America, a global donation organization.