Jogo do Bem da Betsul arrecada mais de R$ 2 milhões para instituições sociais

Betsul, through the Jogo do Bem campaign, has already allocated more than R$2.7 million to institutions that help people in situations of social vulnerability.

It is a pioneering movement among bookmakers in Brazil.

Through this campaign, through actions linked to sport, Betsul has already raised more than R$2 million.

In this initiative, for each bet made on the site, a pre-determined percentage is allocated.

In turn, this is donated to causes and entities registered in the program, at no additional cost to bettors.

Institutions involved

Among the benefited projects is the Sports Association for the Disabled (ADD).

ADD is a non-profit institution founded in 1996 by physical education teacher Steven Dubner.

ADD develops competitive wheelchair basketball, swimming, bocce, sitting volleyball and athletics.

Eliane Miada, director and co-founder of the project, explains that the partnership is about to complete four years.

Likewise, it was made possible through one of the biggest names in national sport.

“Our relationship with Betsul began in 2019, through the legend Oscar Schmidt. He ran the first Jogo do Bem campaign and nominated ADD to be the association benefiting from the donations.”

Eliane explains: “Since then, these resources have been extremely important to be able to carry out our sports programs with those who rely on sport as a means of daily transformation.”

“Through donations we were able to purchase sporting equipment, pay for trips to participate in competitions and maintain our sustainable administration”, he concludes.

In addition to ADD, another project benefiting from Betsul is the Instituto Meninos de Deus. Located in Fortaleza, the group created by educator Paulo Uchôa.

Its purpose is to disseminate a culture of peace among children, adolescents and young people in vulnerable situations.

The project encourages the practice of sporting activities, as well as thematic discussions with families.

Jogo do Bem is a Betsul campaign

President of the Institute, Erica Lemos says that the partnership with Betsul was essential to expand activities and help an even greater number of families.

“The partnership with Betsul was and is of utmost importance for us as the Instituto Meninos de Deus has existed for 15 years, but only through the partnership, in 2022, were we able to formalize ourselves as a Civil Society Organization (OSC).

With this partnership, we also made it possible to pay two educators, in addition to offering snacks, uniforms and leisure time for children and teenagers, who are now more than double what we were serving”, says Erica.

Through partnerships like this, Betsul hopes to further improve its customers’ experience. Providing not only fun and safety, but also the possibility of positively impacting the lives of thousands of families around Brazil.

As Fernando Garita, CEO of Betsul, points out: “Seeing the initiative taking shape and enabling visits to stadiums, participation in competitions, school support and dialogues with children and their families is extremely gratifying.”

“We are committed to continuing to expand our positive impact and enhance our customers’ experience.”

“We want to transform Betsul not only into a place for betting, but also into an agent of social transformation of great relevance”, concludes Garita.