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The bookmaker Apostou (ST Soft) began operations in Rio de Janeiro on November 14, becoming the fourth company approved in the Autarchy’s Accreditation Notice.

The legal security offered by LOTERJ guarantees bettors that their games are taking place within the limits of the law established by the Authority.

In addition to regularization, Apostou also has singer Netinho de Paula as its ambassador and is already operating with sports betting and online games.

“We are excited and honored to start operating with LOTERJ, one of the most traditional lotteries in Brazil,” said Djalma Junior, co-founder of the company.


LOTERJ, or Rio de Janeiro State Lottery, is a state government agency responsible for administering and supervising gambling.

Founded after the ban on casinos in Brazil, LOTERJ began as a number lottery in Niterói, later merging with LOTEG.

LOTERJ innovated by introducing the Instant Lottery, popularly known as Raspadinha, in 1991, which became a success in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2007, it launched the Rio de Prêmios game, with draws broadcast live. In 2018, it added Super Points as an additional category.

Rio de Prêmios stands out for raffling off all the prizes every week, guaranteeing at least one winner for each one. The game is exclusive to the State of Rio de Janeiro and does not accumulate unclaimed prizes.

In 2019, LOTERJ launched Triple Chance, similar to Rio de Prêmios, exclusive to the South Fluminense region, with three types of draws and prizes for each participating city.

The cities included are Angra dos Reis, Barra Mansa, Barra do Piraí, Itatiaia, Pinheiral, Piraí, Porto Real, Quatis, Resende, Rio Claro, Valença, Vassouras and Volta Redonda.