Betfair faz campanha contra racismo nas categorias de base do Cruzeiro

Betfair, the bookmaker and main sponsor of Cruzeiro, surprised by announcing that it will give prime space on Raposa’s youth team shirt to the NGO Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football.

The initiative aims to broaden and deepen the discussion about racism in football. In other words, a crucial topic when it comes to the social role of sport around the world.

Cruzeiro has a limited edition Betfair shirt

As a matter of principle, Betfair decided to give up printing its brand on youth team shirts, in favor of responsible gambling.

Therefore, the space provided to the Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football during the 2024 season is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to social causes.

Thus, the officialization of the partnership between Betfair, Cruzeiro and Observatório Racial occurred in a remarkable way.

In the game for the Campeonato Mineiro against Uberlândia, Cruzeiro’s professional team wore a special edition shirt with the Observatório Racial logo.

Shane O’Driscoll, Marketing Director at Betfair, highlighted that the initiative reinforces the company’s conviction in ensuring that sports betting and its advertising are carried out in a responsible and ethical manner.

Therefore, since the beginning of the partnership with Cruzeiro, in January 2023, Betfair was already planning how it could use the space on the youth team’s shirts to make a positive impact.

NGO turns 10 in 2024

Since its founding in 2014, the Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football has played a fundamental role in the fight against racism in Brazilian football.

The project monitors and reports on cases of racism, seeking to expose and combat violence and racial discrimination.

In 2023, the Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football entered into a partnership with CONMEBOL to combat racism in South American football. Thus, a racial literacy action was developed for employees and leaders of the confederation.

Marcelo Carvalho, Executive Director of the Observatory, highlighted the importance of combating racism in the youth categories, stating that this is where the next generations are built.

The partnership with Betfair and Cruzeiro is seen as a fundamental step in this direction.

For Gabriel Lima, CEO of Cruzeiro, it is a great honor to see the mantle of Raposa carrying such a relevant agenda in the current scenario.

The partnership with Betfair in providing space on the youth team shirts for Observatório Racial reflects the club’s values.