Fotos: Heatmap/Divulgação
Fotos: Heatmap/Divulgação

Bet7k, a sports betting company, is making history in the volleyball scene by sponsoring the Brazilian men’s and women’s teams. Until May 26th, Maracanãzinho, in Rio de Janeiro, is the stage for games in the first week of the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2024.

The bookmaker will have the brand displayed on the big screens and LED boards on the courts during the matches of the Brazilian men’s and women’s teams.

Furthermore, the national team has a long tradition in the competition, with a gold medal in the men’s team and three silver medals in the women’s team.

Directors talk about partnership between Bet7k and CBV

Talita Lacerda, CEO of Bet7k, celebrates the partnership with the Brazilian volleyball team. “We live in a moment of great joy for contributing to the development of national sport. Volleyball has established itself as the second most watched sport in the country with a huge increase in TV audiences every year.

Therefore, it is strategic for our company to collaborate with this sport that is in the hearts of millions of Brazilians. We wish the athletes a lot of luck in this edition of the Volleyball Nations League”, he declares.

Bet7k‘s partnership with CBV (Brazilian Volleyball Confederation) includes Heatmap, an agency that was responsible for the sports study and prospecting strategy, and which has also been involved in brand activations, both in the Superligas, at national level, and now at VNL, internationally.

Renê Salviano, CEO of Heatmap, said: “Volleyball is a sport that has brought a lot of joy to the Brazilian people. The category has a countless number of fans in our country and we can observe significant growth in recent seasons.

CBV has strengthened its tournaments and attracted more and more fans to the sport”, he adds.

Henrique Netto, CBV’s commercial and marketing director, highlights the importance of sponsorship for the institution: “It’s a successful partnership. Because, Bet7k is the official bet for Brazilian volleyball.”

It has supported the main competitions, such as the Bet7k SuperLiga, the Bet7k Copa do Brasil, the Bet7k SuperCopa and the Bet7k Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit. In this Olympic year, it is also the official bet for the Brazilian men’s and women’s teams.

Volleyball is a national passion, it currently has 80 million fans across Brazil. And, this is reflected in the interest of big brands in joining CBV”, he concludes.