Aposta Ganha é a única bet presente em 100% dos jogos no Brasileirão da Série A

In partnerships with Palmeiras, Flamengo and BRAX, Aposta Ganha will be the only company in the segment with a presence in all matches of the Brazilian Championship, in a bold brand positioning strategy, directly reaching tens of millions of people in the stadiums, on TV broadcasts and internet, in coverage on social media and various other communication channels.

The company is one of the main companies in the sports betting market

Investing in this premium property is already a tradition for the group, including in the Brazilian Football Team games, recently in the friendlies against England and Spain, in addition to the World Cup qualifiers.

Initiatives like this increasingly place Aposta Ganha as one of the main sports betting companies in the country, standing out for its diversity of marketing assets.

The actions take place at the main national events, such as the Olinda and Salvador Carnivals, in addition to São João de Caruaru, considered the biggest and best in the world. Furthermore, the brand is recognized for its boldness and creativity in DOOH media, and a strong and solid presence in the digital universe.

With this positioning, it will not be a surprise to see the Aposta Ganha brand at the top of the rankings of the most accessed, remembered and loved websites by customers passionate about online entertainment from all over Brazil.

About Aposta Ganha

Aposta Ganha is a company that offers a platform for sports betting, casino and online eSports. With each match, the company seeks to provide a new experience, a new bond and a new way to earn more.

Aposta Ganha is a platform for those who are just starting out in the world of betting, for those who already have experience in betting. The platform offers several sports with hundreds of game options per day.

Furthermore, the group is one of the fastest growing bookmakers in Brazil. Therefore, the platform is more than just a betting platform, it is a community where bettors can feel part of something bigger and enjoy the excitement of gambling.