Affilka from SOFTSWISS, a leading affiliate tracking software provider, shares tips for a migration process. Improved features, enhanced security, and lower costs are key reasons to migrate from one affiliate marketing platform to another.

The checklist prepared by Affilka experts from SOFTSWISS will help make the migration process clearer and safer, facilitating cooperation with a new software provider.


At this stage, goal setting, data selection, and communication issues are of top priority. The Affilka team at SOFTSWISS suggests operators start with:

  • Clarifying the goals and desired outcomes of the migration and identifying key metrics to monitor before, during and after the process.
  • Determining specific data to be migrated, including player and partner history.
  • Designating a dedicated person within your team to streamline communication with platform vendor experts during the migration.


Key aspects to be covered during the migration process include ensuring that all stakeholders are fully informed and aware of the process, preparing mapping files, and configuring the system. At this point, the necessary steps are:

  • Inform all interested parties of the migration schedule, deadlines, and any potential downtime.
  • Collect and format all necessary mapping files according to the new platform requirements. Data must be clean, accurate and up-to-date.
  • Add new platform settings, including commission plans and referral links, to ensure all integrations with other systems work correctly.


In the post-migration stage, effective communication with affiliates, organization of training and post-migration monitoring are imperative to facilitate subsequent operational success. After migration, Affilka experts at SOFTSWISS recommend the following:

  • Notify affiliates about the migration. This allows them to update their referral links promptly, minimizing the need for additional player migrations later.
  • Offer training sessions for affiliates and operator personnel on using the new platform and provide comprehensive guides and informational resources, which can facilitate future operations.
  • Monitor the system for any post-migration issues and collect feedback from affiliates and employees. These actions can help identify areas for improvement.

Implementing these steps will help ensure a successful migration, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the benefits of the new system.

Anastasia Borovaya, Head of Affilka at SOFTSWISS, summarizes: “Migration time depends on how quickly the customer prepares the mapping files.

More data means a longer process, but it usually takes a few weeks to prepare and a few hours to migrate to the production environment.

Quick and clear communication with the client team is essential for a successful migration. When the customer responds promptly and clearly, the migration progresses smoothly as planned.”


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