Por onde começar marketing de afiliados

If until now the subject of affiliate marketing has gone unnoticed for you, then the time has come to change that and 1win Partners will help you. In this text you will learn more about affiliate marketing, a modern digital area, you will see how it all works and understand how you can make money with it. Let’s go!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

All affiliates work with user traffic. The traffic is all Internet users. But, of course, such a large number of people cannot be attracted by an advertising campaign. Therefore, one of the main tasks of a webmaster is to segment and filter the target audience of all traffic.

Basically, affiliate marketing is about “buying” and “selling” traffic. In other words, the webmaster buys traffic with his own money and then sells it to the advertiser. He makes money from the difference (income from payments minus purchase expenses).

Affiliate Marketing Areas

You can redirect traffic to many things, from a slot in a casino to a product in an online store. For convenience, similar advertising proposals (called offers) are collected into groups, here are the main ones:

  • Adult – brings together services and products for adults related to eroticism, porn, sex;
  • Dating – various relationship services, the area can be related to adults, but not always. Working with dating is usually easier due to fewer restrictions and prohibitions;
  • Crypto – cryptocurrencies and everything that has to do with it;
  • Merchandise – search for customers to sell physical products;
  • Nutra – similar to merchandise, only the products in this category are exclusively related to beauty and health. For example: supplements, cosmetics, medical products;
  • Betting – bookmakers, sports betting and e-sports
  • Gambling – offers from various online casinos and online gambling.

1win is developing in the areas of gambling and betting, because these are one of the most profitable and growing areas of affiliate marketing. The global volume of the gaming market in 2022 amounted to – $449 billion, and sports betting – 83.6 billion dollars. And this is understandable, because excitement increases people’s emotions and they are willing to pay for this emotional upheaval.

1win Partners - affiliate marketing


The current iGaming experience offers the player a more modern and casual type of casino, with simple and understandable games (generally combining sports betting). For example, in the Lucky Jet crash game there are no difficult conditions; The game starts by pressing a button, which starts the growing graph. The player just needs to press the “stop” button in time, before the graphic stops.

Affiliate Products and Programs

Affiliate program is a form of cooperation between advertisers and webmasters. It allows companies to reduce the costs of attracting a specific target audience. For example, a promotion in a coffee shop saying “bring a friend and get a free cup of coffee” is also an analogue of an affiliate program. Here it is the same thing, if a person registers using the webmaster’s referral link and plays actively, he will receive bonuses for registering, and the webmaster will receive a reward for attracting this person.

When the affiliate program only features its own product, it is a direct advertiser. 1win Partners is an affiliate program of 1win casino itself, that is, our online casino is the product that our partners promote. It is much more profitable to cooperate with direct advertisers, as the reward for attracting targeted traffic will be greater.

Traffic Sources

How do webmasters get traffic? There are many options that are always tested, but there are also main sources:

  • Targeted advertising – customized ads for display; a specific target audience, generally used on social networks;
  • Contextual advertising – is based on searches in the search engine;
  • Push notifications are pop-up windows on a website containing interaction buttons and advertising text;
  • SEO – website optimization to comply with different search engines;
  • Newsletter are advertising messages sent by email or SMS containing advertiser information and a link to click;
  • Blogs – various channels and thematic groups, you can create your own or buy advertising on existing channels;

Cooperation models

1win Partners - affiliate marketing

Traffic payment systems are also diverse, here we will talk about the best ones that 1win Partners works with.

But before we get into the details, it’s important to understand and remember the following. The webmaster receives a reward only after the potential user completes the offer’s targeted action of making a deposit. The size and payment terms depend on the cooperation model.

CPA (Cost Per Action) – the affiliate receives a one-time payment at a fixed rate for the user’s targeted action. In the case of 1win, the payout of $30 or more is awarded to the player who makes a minimum deposit.

RevShare (Revenue Share) – the partner has a lifetime percentage of the casino’s profits from the attracted player. And if there are several players and they lose regularly, the webmaster’s profit will not be limited by any ceiling.

In arbitration there are two models for calculating payments on RevShare – with GGR and with NGR.

GGR is the total volume of funds.

NGR is net income minus all expenses.

According to our conditions, in addition to the high percentage of RevShare from 50%, payments are also made with GGR, when most other companies pay for traffic after deducting all their expenses.


Of course, these are just the most basic information about traffic arbitration, but even that is enough to start understanding the subject. Follow 1win Partners on Telegram, Instagram and X (Twitter) to receive more information and grow in affiliate marketing. Read our articles that we always publish on social media, so click on the links above.

And of course, write to affiliate manager Maria to start applying all the knowledge gained in this matter and get the best cooperation conditions right now!