Alessandro Valente, from Super Afiliados, points out strategies to enter the Brazilian market

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Alessandro Valente, from Super Afiliados, points out strategies to enter the Brazilian market
Photo: Reprodução Canal Youtube Calvin Ayre

The co-founder of the company Super Afiliados, Alessandro Valente, highlighted in an interview for the channel Calvin Ayre, about the great potential of the Latin American market.

The professional, who has extensive experience in the affiliation and gambling sector, shared his vision in an interview with Becky Liggero Fontana.

The first topic discussed in the conversation was the panorama of affiliates and the specific marketing strategies for the Brazilian market, as well as the progress of the regulatory process in the gambling and betting sector.

“There is a large entry of new affiliates in Brazil, which shows that everyone is thinking about the country, which is an easy place to access from a cultural point of view. There are a good number of European affiliates joining the national scene. Some ‘got the hang of it’, others not so much, but in general, the numbers are going well, ”said Valente.

Strategies for the Brazilian market

Regarding ways to increase the impact of brands among Brazilians, Valente pointed out that only one company is carrying out a strategic Press Release (PR) work.

“When it comes to Brazil, PR is a more complicated situation, only one company is doing it right. Because the other PR companies are not familiar enough with the subject. So they tend to be ineffective, when they are doing PR in the press ”, pointed out

Alessandro Valente, from Super Afiliados, points out strategies to enter the Brazilian market
Photo: Reprodução Canal Calvin Ayre

He added: “iGaming Media is doing very well, they come from the IGaming market, so they understand what they should talk about and even mention certain issues. And PR is essential, it doesn’t matter if you are sponsoring a football team or the national team. Sponsorship needs to be combined with PR work. This means that you have to look for a good deal, adjust into your budget and you will do well ”.

Therefore, the idea of ​​investing all the money in sponsorship without maximizing with Press Release work can be a very serious strategic mistake for any company.

The problem, according to Valente, is that many companies do not know how to make this type of connection these days. He expects this scenario to change considerably in the future.

The need of local hiring

In addition, Alessandro Valente mentioned the need to have a team in the target region, above all, in certain operational positions.

“If you hire locally, someone is in the region all the time. So, they are always connected about what’s going on. This option makes a big difference, the biggest problem is finding people with the necessary experience to bring it to your operation.
It ends up being necessary a little training, so that they can be aware of the internal processes, compliance rules, how to perceive money laundering, etc. ”.

He concluded: “People should be given time to learn before they start the operation. This also serves for the affiliate market. For example, you are making a website for a very successful company in Europe, you have to consider the value of having someone who speaks the language and knows the slang of the region. This will make a big difference in your results ”.

Full interview with Alessandro Valente

About Super Afiliados

Super Afiliados provides affiliate agreements for the eGaming segment throughout Latin America. Super Afiliados is a brand belonging to Influx Media, a company in the affiliate marketing area.

Since 2009, the company has had business in the country and in Latin America, from its headquarters in London, England. Currently, it has a team focused on passing on targeted solutions for its field of action. In addition, the group is able to offer its affiliates differentiated commissions, exclusive offers and other benefits.