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Staying up to date with current events is the key to success in traffic arbitrage. And right now, you have a great opportunity to work with betting traffic, even if you have never worked with the betting and casino niche before. 1win Partners cannot miss an occasion like this, and now we will tell you how to work with event traffic using the European Championship Finals as an example.

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What is event marketing?

Event marketing is a type of marketing that aims to promote a company and its products using relevant information and promotions in advertising. Event marketing in betting means you will reference current events in the world of sports in your advertising campaigns. We are sure you understand – football is always relevant for us, both international and national tournaments!

On June 14, the main football tournament will begin – EURO 2024, and the eyes of millions of football fans from all over the world will be focused on it, of course, placing bets. The madness will last for a whole month, which means if you have more than enough time to take advantage of the emerging excitement to increase your ROI, there will be no better chance. It’s a great time to work with event betting traffic. And for your ROI, there’s nothing better!

How to work with event marketing?

Choose a platform

The first thing to do is choose a platform to work on. If you want to attract many users and make a high profit, you should choose 1win, because it is an incredible, modern platform with a wide betting line, bonuses of up to 500% on your first deposit and free live game broadcasting. Remember, the excitement doesn’t subside during the break, and fans will have the best casino games at their fingertips.

Choose a traffic source

Here are the TOP ones that perform well in event affiliate marketing:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) search engine optimization is the best option. Good SEO experts know how to work with infopromotions and research, so they optimize websites and loans as much as possible for the next high-profile event.
  • PPC/Context (Pay Per Click) – if you know how to work with keyword phrases, this is your option. At this time, the number of keyword queries will increase significantly. Add to this the increased conversion rate and you will realize that from this source you can attract a large amount of traffic. The main thing is to choose your keys wisely.
  • ASO (App Store Optimization) – nice cost per click, high-quality traffic and growing interest make this one of the top sources. When working with ASO, the main thing is to prepare your apps properly and start promoting them at least a week before the event.

Prepare the banners

To work with event traffic, you need special creatives. If you are unable to create one, you can ask your manager (yes, 1win Partners provides its partners with banners even for individual news events).

Banners should be bright and eye-catching. Additionally, they should mention or show the upcoming event. The main thing is not to overdo it: do not use emotions, bonuses and branding at the same time. Better yet, do some testing to find the balance and understand what works best for your audience.

Of course, no one forbids you to use standard banners, but be prepared for the fact that the result will be noticeably worse.


Subpartnership is a referral program through which affiliates can earn an additional 5% income from each referred website.

How does it work? The partner attracts other affiliates through your referral link and receives an additional 5% of their income.

How to begin? Any registered affiliate can start a sub-affiliate. To do this, you need to go to the sub-affiliates section in your personal account and copy the ready-made individual referral link. When you click and register using this link, Web is assigned as a sub-partner of the main partner that attracted you.

Subpartner statistics can be tracked in your personal cabinet in the Statistics – Subpartners section.


If you have done everything right, the results will not take long to appear. Remember, event traffic is a great opportunity to get a high ROI and attract a lot of target users, even if it’s for the first time. Furthermore, it is your chance to make a smooth entry into the gambling and betting niche. And to make your start even easier – write to the 1win Partners affiliate manager and get the best terms of cooperation. And don’t forget to subscribe to our social networks.