Entrevista exclusiva com a gerente de Afiliados, da 1win Partners, Régis

Régis (@regis.afiliados), from Rio with a vibrant and innovative personality, affiliate manager at 1win Partners. Her passion for footvolley brought her to the iGaming market. With the mission of sharing his knowledge and experiences, Régis presents himself as an inspiring mentor, ready to guide beginners and professionals in search of success in this dynamic universe. Régis shared valuable insights and practical tips for those who want to achieve success in the world of iGaming.

Get ready to dive into the fascinating universe of this constantly evolving market and discover how Régis’ teachings and guidance can transform your vision and practice in the world of online business.

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1 – Tell us about yourself

My name is Régis, Brazilian, born Gemini, from Rio de Janeiro and I am the affiliate manager of the best affiliate program in the world, 1win Partners. My biggest goal is to help you make the biggest profit possible, and also attract new partners while maintaining a good, stable and lasting relationship.

2 – What are your activities at 1win Partners and your responsibilities?

I am responsible for helping partners choose their best business model, explaining how the company works and closely monitoring the results obtained. I am always available to help my partners achieve their goals.

With that in mind, I created a guide for my Instagram followers, to help them with their professional growth. Tell me “I want the guide” and I will send it to you.

3 – What is your daily life like?

My day only starts after exercising, and it was exactly this passion that brought me to the affiliate market. I’m passionate about footvolley, another passion is studying and following trends in the digital marketing market. At least once a week, I take time to dive into industry news, understand expectations and, of course, enjoy the incredible articles produced by 1win Partners.

Being up to date in the growing Brazilian iGaming market is crucial to obtaining an excellent return on investment. On weekends, I go out in search of new places and people, and I go to the beach to practice my beloved futvolleyball.

4 – What did you work with before getting into affiliate marketing?

Before entering this fascinating world, I worked as a professional in the administrative-financial area. At that time, my company did not provide me with the freedom and flexibility that affiliate marketing offers, allowing me to work remotely and at any time.

5 – What caught your attention most about affiliate marketing?

The convenience of being able to adjust my study routine to a scalable job and having the freedom to do it from anywhere is precisely what attracts me. Furthermore, being involved in the fastest growing market globally is a huge attraction.

Exclusive interview with the Affiliate Manager at 1win Partners, Régis

6 – Why 1win Partners?

1win Partners values ​​and understands the importance of relationships with partners and employees. What impressed me most was really this care for its partners, investing in them through live training, webinars, social events, and active participation in world conferences, aiming to teach and ensure the success of its partners. Its transparency and reliability are also notable.

See some of the advantages of being a 1win Partners affiliate:

  • Vital commission program.
  • It counts revshare as GGR, not NGR, which is rare these days. In other words, this measure represents the total gross revenue generated by gaming or betting before deductions, which means a greater share of profits compared to NGR.
  • It offers timely payments and detailed statistics, allowing partners to constantly redefine their strategies.
  • Offers a variety of promotional tools, such as banners and landing pages, to help partners drive conversions.
  • It has 24/7 support, a dedicated account manager, ready to help and guide you at every step of the journey even if you are just starting out!
  • It hosts regular webinars, training sessions and industry events, ensuring its partner community is always up to date on the latest trends, tools and strategies.
  • Diverse selection of products and advanced technology.

1win Partners’ flexibility ensures that whether you are an industry veteran or a beginner, there is room for growth, learning and customized solutions to meet individual needs and expectations. The 1win Partners affiliate program is committed to growing and building a relationship with its partners, ensuring trust and mutual growth in the online gaming industry.

7 – In your opinion, what is the best source of traffic?

I see that social networks represent the environment where you can genuinely get closer to your audience, building a foundation of trust and interest. The feeling of closeness and belonging generated gives credibility and the public is really interested in what is being promoted, consuming the product.

8 – What tips would you give to those just starting out?

For those who are starting out in the affiliate market in the iGaming niche, it is essential to check traffic sources and analyze the most appropriate ones for your reality. Establishing goals and objectives, and being clear about where you want to go, are extremely important requirements, as only those who know which destination want to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, it is essential to have perseverance, respect the learning and evolution process, and not rush into things or skip steps. Study is essential and is considered the key to success. 1win Partners publishes weekly articles about the world of iGaming, with valuable tips for those working in this niche.

Always be informed, following cases and learning from other people’s experiences. The current generation has the advantage of having a solid source of information, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, capable of providing valuable answers when questions are asked correctly, helping to reach new heights.

Choosing a good company to work with, and of course, the best one is, without a doubt, 1win Partner. To better understand the market, it is essential to know the differences between the most popular business models – Revenue Share and CPA.

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