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Facebook is still the most popular traffic source in affiliate marketing and is not going to give up its position. Despite other social networks, Facebook has not reported a serious drop in traffic volumes in recent years, and this is with an actively developing competitor like TikTok!

This means that it is interesting to work with this source of traffic, and its relevance will remain for more than a year, read the article about trends for 2024. That’s why in this article, 1win Partners teaches you how to generate and direct traffic using the Facebook.

Don’t forget that there is a lot of content on Instagram and the YouTube channel so you can study and get an excellent ROI.

How to Drive Traffic Using Facebook and Is It Worth It?

Despite annual changes to its advertising policy, Facebook never closes this issue, always leaving several loopholes for webmasters. Mark Zuckerberg and company are well aware of affiliate marketing and how much revenue it brings to their social network.

In fact, for this reason, they don’t cut everything. After all, if they did so, the company’s revenue would drop drastically. Therefore, there will always be loopholes, although the difficulties of use may increase

Facebook Ads 1Win

One of the advantages of Facebook is that you can advertise apps on it. In this case, there is no need to configure the cloak filter and create a “blank page”. Facebook accepts apps hosted on the App Store and Google Play as it considers these resources to be completely safe. In fact, driving traffic to the app is now the top form of affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Defining the target audience

This is the first place you should start if you decide to use Facebook to generate traffic. In fact, determining the target audience is primarily necessary not to get a conversion (FB usually handles this much better than people), but to minimize complaints about an advertising campaign.

To determine the target audience, simply look at the offer statistics or ask your manager for information. As a last resort, you can look at the statistics on offers related to the topic, the audience will be identical.

Preparation of accounts

You will not be able to register a new account, log in and launch an ad campaign — you will be banned immediately. Therefore, all accounts need to be prepared. Now there are 3 main ways to prepare an account to launch advertising campaigns.

Buy accounts

The percentage of successful launch of such accounts and their service life strongly depends on the skills of the seller who created them. For some, 15-20% are successfully launched, and for others, more than 50% can be launched. Accounts can be sold with or without an advertising account.

If you purchase an account with an advertising account:

  • Let the account “cool”, meaning you don’t need to do anything with the account for the first 2-3 days after purchase. Except for just going through different FB groups and chats.
  • After that, log in to the advertising account several times, but do not run ads and do not link the card. It is also better to keep it warm for 2-3 days. This way, you will create the illusion that you are studying and observing Facebook’s advertising features.
  • And only after all these manipulations, bind the card. And start putting together an advertising campaign.

If the account does not have an advertising account:

  • Also, give the bill 2-3 days to “cool down.”
  • Open an advertising account yourself and take a break for a few days again.
  • Link a card and launch an advertising campaign

Rent accounts from real people

You ask someone else (it could be a friend or relative, or just someone you purposely contacted for this purpose on Facebook) to gain access to your account. It is better to mention right away that you are not interested in his personal data, but only in the advertising account.

It is also worth making accounts from one year old and on which advertising campaigns have not been launched before. The advantage of these accounts is that they are already warm and Facebook’s moderation algorithms trust them. If everything is done correctly, the percentage of successful campaign launches will be around 100%.

Register accounts on your own

Nobody stops you from creating your own accounts (massively creating a large number). There are two ways. The first is the creation of automatic registrations through a special service. With this approach, many accounts are created, but the launch percentage will be small (no more than 10%). Facebook’s algorithms are very good at finding and banning these accounts. Especially if you try to immediately create an advertising account.

The second way is to register accounts manually. This is a slower method, but the percentage of successful launch is much higher (more than 50%). Also, for manual accounting, it makes sense to prepare everything you need in advance to bypass the checks.

Of course, there are other ways to get accounts, including not entirely legitimate ones (using viral software), but these accounts have very bad results.

In addition to the bill, you need to prepare the creatives in advance. It’s important to know and remember that Facebook has “unacceptable business models” to minimize roadblocks in the launch phase.:

  • Avoid stop words in Creatives, you can easily find a list of them on the Internet
  • Do not use elements in the image that could trigger a ban
  • Do not directly mention services that are prohibited on the social network

To summarize the above, your ads should not directly acknowledge what cannot be advertised on Facebook.

In part 2 of this article, 1win will teach you how to prepare creatives that can be used on the platform and how to launch a successful campaign.

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